Saturday, February 9, 2013

New picture

It has almost been a year since my last post way to long. I didn't get Christmas cards out so I thought I better do something.  A new picture!   We didn't get the family together like Mike hoped but with luck maybe this year.  Half the family works. Smile, Amanda is taking a photography class and use the schools camera to take the picture.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Being Grandparent

Saturday Mike and I went to see Mike's oldest son, Travis and his girlfriend and celebrate there little girl Jayden's 1st Birthday.  

 She wasn't sure about the cake but then got into it.
 She loved her gift!

 She is a cutie! Happy Birthday to Jayden.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas on the Coast with the whole family. This was a doozey... getting pictures was .....lets just say...WOW. This was the first experiance for the Standridge family to really be in gulfed in the Newell family. Though it had it challenges on my part it was so wonderful to be together...I really hope we get to do this again. I recommend this place to anyone. I loved it! The many group pictures.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pictures.....if I get Christmas Cards out if not here you go!


Thanksgiving was with family and friends. Of course, I didn't remember about pictures until everyone was about to leave but I got two...lucky at that. It was great. It was Mike's Brother Allen, his son Chris, Chris (son of Mike's boss), Mom Standridge, me and Mike.. sitting is Mike's Boss/Friend Pat and his wife Lynnete and Mike's son's girlfriend Veronica. Todd the dog.

Chris and Veronica & Todd did not come until later but it was good. We ate and played Ticket to Ride...there first time. It was wonderful.

Free trip to Eugene

Mike had to go to Eugene for work and so I went along....nothing better than a free trip home. Sad thing was, mom and dad were on there way to Phoenix so we got to see them for maybe 20min then they were on the road. We did get to see Ashlee, Jeff and the boys. It was a nice quick trip. On are way home we got to stop and see Tricia and Darren and the girls. In fact it was Taylor's 14th Birthday so we got to wish her a happy birthday and eat some cake. We stayed there and at mom and dads. It was so good to be home.

Birthday girl

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at the Standridges

For FHE we went a week before Halloween to get pumpkins and wouldn't you know the patch was not open on Monday to the other patch (Walmart) for our pumpkins....not quite the same but we got some to carve that is what matters.
Checkout . We let the girls get 1 big one and 1 little one.

Time to carve...who is a HAM in this family?!
The mess afterwards....who got to clean that up....2 guesses!

A first for Michael...he had never carved a pumpkin...really. It was fun to hear him sound like a little kid. Carving my pumpkin after helping Zoe

Deep concentration by Amanda. Zoe said, "This is fun! I want to do it myself"...until she didn't like the inside cleaning.

Dinner Halloween NIGHT! It was a crazy day and so we got home late.....not much of a costume for me and Mike but we got the kids up and ready and dinner on the table. I have to say I stole the idea from my sister (IL) Beth..thanks Beth.

Drink was Spider venom.

Mike eating "Liver/guts"(pepperoni/cheese wrap)

The Mummy wraps (hot dog/dough)

Monster blood (Tomato soup)

All together. It was good.

After 5 years with these I finally have a yard to put them up in. Yah!
Our Front porch.

Jen dressed as a (what ever I could find quick)and Mike dressed as a Pumpkin techie.

Amanda dressed as a MIKUCHAN from Japanese Animee character.

Zoe as a Vampire Policewoman. Where do they get these ideas?

Ready and off they go..... Be back by 7:30.

There first round of Trick or Treating they only got about 10 -20 pieces together not very much. Then Amanda went with friends and I (jen) took Zoe to a different neighborhood. We did two blocks and she SCORED with candy. We now have all of there candy and the ones we bought to give out. We had maybe 10 trick o treaters. There were two great homes on the blocks Zoe and I went to . One scared the living daylights out of Zoe and she was worried the rest of the blocks. The second home won my Favorite decor and idea. When you got up to the home there was no door. They had rigged a Computer were the door should have been painted a wall (like at a castle)to it. They had rigged this computer to have a floating face and the people would talk and ask Zoe questions and she had to do a trick to get a treat. It was the best and then it had a little door that dropped out the candy if she did the tricks. It was SOOO COOL!IT WAS A GREAT HALLOWEEN.....HAPPY SPOKE DAY!